2 Dot Biodot Cards

Here’s a convenient way to give away biodots: with two dots mounted right on the front of the biodot card. No more handing the dots and cards out separately. Biodots allow you to monitor your stress while it’s actually happening. Watch the colors change from black to brown to green to blue as you go from feeling stressed to feeling relaxed. Biodots are fun, inexpensive and they really work. Peel the biodots off the card and wear them on the back of your hand for a day to determine who, or what, is causing you stress. Use these two dot biodot cards for health fairs, wellness promotions or as a gift. Card can be customized on the back, minimum for customization is 5 sets. For information on customization email: Erica@StressStop.com 

Sold in sets of 100.
(Quantity of 1 = 100 cards, Quantity of 5 = 500 cards, etc.)

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product!!!

This was a winner at the local health fair! People were in tune to the idea of learning what or who was causing their stress. The only thing is that the dots would not stay on for an extended amount of time as expected. However, the biodots were a major hit for the fair.

A fun and informative touch!

We recently offered a Stress Reduction Academy to City employees, a customized 2-dot card was given to each attendee. The reaction, "biodots were super cool!"

2-dot card gift

A great way to hand out biodots. The 2-dot card is more like a gift.

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