Job Stress

Job Stress

Job stress is the #1 source of stress in the US. 78% of American workers describe their job as stressful. People suffering from job-stress take more sick days, are more accident prone and are much more likely to be angry and/or violent at work. Sources of job stress can include a bad boss, inadequate training, excessive overtime, hectic pace, deadline pressure, too many meetings, not working to a plan, downsizing and conflicting assignments. But it can also include outside factors like financial pressure, relationship problems, and trouble coping with anger and frustration.

Introducing a PowerPoint® program on job stress.

Here is a POWERPOINT® program that will help you teach employees how to cope with stress at work. Everything you need to put on a 1-hour program on job stress is included. You’ll get forty illustrated POWERPOINT® slides, a full text and outline for your presentation. You can even choose to download the program when you place your order and save $50.

Teach employees how to cope with job stress.

In addition to helping people identify sources of job stress and develop strategies for eliminating it, this program will help your audience communicate better, manage time better, and handle stressful emotions better like anger, frustration and disappointment . From relaxation techniques they can use at work to cognitive techniques they can use at any given moment, this program supplies cutting edge solutions to timeless problems associated with handling stress at work.


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