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A Day Away From Stress

Listen to our all time best-selling relaxation CD and in minutes you’ll be experiencing slower breathing rate, heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension, and most importantly less stress!

 A Day Away From Stress features five easy relaxation exercises over a backdrop of soothing music. A reviewer from Ladies Home Journal wrote, “When the relaxation CD ended, I went downstairs and I was a calmer, happier woman. A few nights later when I was feeling stressed, I tried it again. Once again it did the trick. I was hooked.” With Met Life, Dow Chemical, the Marines, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield purchasing thousands of copies, we’re sure once you try it you’ll be hooked too.

 un dia lejos del Estres narrado por Nora C. Porter, M.D.

Enjoy a sample of A Day Away From Stress

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Customer Reviews

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Pat Aguon
pre-deployment kit

We included this CD in our pre-deployment kit and won a best-practice award.

Doris Bonilla
A day a way from stress

I invited every single employee in the hospital to a meeting where we played A Day Away from Stress. Everyone asked, "where can I get a copy of that?" Then we gave them all their own copies to take home. It was the most successful program of the entire year.

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