Stress Management, Well-being and Self-Care

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Raising Awareness

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Dying in a car accident is more likely than dying from Covid19. Why are we comfortable some risks but not others? This 8 minute video on stress and problem-solving in the era of Covid19 tells you why.

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It's when we leave the present moment and think about the future that we get anxious. With Covid19 we might even feel panicky. This short video on mindfulness shows you how to find peace of mind in the present moment, even with the prospect of Covid19 all around us.

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Creating a resilience routine is the key to coping with Covid19 stress. This short video will show you how you can use stress management proactively (rather than reactively) to prevent a bad day from happening in the first place.

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Find out why social support is our most important weapon against stress and how we can get it in the era of social distancing.

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