Stress Management, Well-being and Self-Care

How We Can Help You

Here are the top 10 reasons why trainers, educators, EAP and wellness professionals come to for help.

They want to:

  1. Conduct a stress assessment or survey
  2. Raise awareness on the subject of stress and/or resilience
  3. Give away a handout or a brochure at a health fair or conference
  4. Promote their business with customized promotional products
  5. Find training materials to hand out at a workshop or a lunch-and-learn
  6. Put on a presentation on Stress or Resilience or some stress-related subject like mindfulness.
  7. Create a multi-week training
  8. Provide employee’s access to our ONLINE resources
  9. Find HEALTHY gifts, incentives and rewards
  10. Learn more about stress management and resilience and stress-related topics


1. Conduct a Stress Assessment or Survey:

The Stress Profiler

This (self-administered) assessment* is our best selling product ever and can be used: to create a 1-hour workshop1, to raise awareness2, as handout at health fairs3, to start an company-wide inititiative4, to give to every single employee in your company5, and as a promotional gift by rebranding it (white label) with your company logo6.

Here are some of our clients who have done this: 1CSX, 2The US State Department, 3Virginia Tech, 4Certified Angus Beef, 5NASA, 6Wellpoint
*Don’t forget this product has a student version, a military version and an online electronic version.

Stress Survey

Surveys such as this one have been shown to lower stress simply by conducting them. Just asking about employee bottlenecks and stressors and identifying what they are puts you as an employer well above most other employers who don’t take the time to do this. And any employer who cares enough to find out what’s bugging it’s employees is probably also caring enough to do something about any problem that is uncovered. This kind of caring culture – which is implied by simply conducting such a survey - ultimately encourages creativity, communication, commitment to the company and high quality work. If that company sounds like your company, or the company you’d like to be, download this free survey and feel free to use it (or modify it as you see fit). If you’d like to distribute this survey electronically (assuring anonymity), or have a professional evaluate and analyze your results, discuss them with you and ultimately make recommendations please contact us at

See Survey: Feel free to download and use this in your organization.


2. Raise awareness on the subject of stress or resilience


When you are conducting a workshop and you want to teach people some experiential relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and mindfulness meditation, use biodots along with whatever it is that you are teaching. After the relaxation session has concluded, ask people to take a look at their biodot and see if it’s changed from black or brown to green or blue. When this happens you will have provided your participants powerful proof that they can indeed self-regulate their own nervous system. This is the goal of all relaxation techniques.

Biodots are used to raise awareness,1 as a meeting starter,2 as an inexpensive promotional gift,3 or during a seminar as described above,4 and white label branding.5

Here are some of our clients who have done this: 1United Health Care, 2Certified Angus Beef, 3Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, 4Carnival Cruise Lines, 5Webb Mason Advertising


3 and 4. Handouts for health fairs and promoting your business

POPULAR GIVEAWAYS: All can be customized with your name, address, phone number and logo

Everything you see here can be customized with your name, address and logo. These popular handouts can be used for health fairs1, as promotional gifts2, meeting starters3, seminars4 educational gifts5, and (white label) branding6

Here are some of our customers who have done this: 1 NASA, 2Mayo Clinic, 3Honda 4American Heart Association 5The Hartford Insurance Co. 6Tufts Health Plan


5. Find training materials to handout at a workshop or lunch and learn.


POPULAR (32 page) WORKBOOKS help you build programs on:

You can build an entire stress management and/or resilience curriculum around any ONE of these three 32-page workbooks. What Glaxo Smith Kline did with THE STRESS MANAGEMENT JOURNAL is a perfect example: “We built a five week course around using this one product. One of the attendees had to be the most stressed-out person I've ever worked with. I didn't think he'd stick with the program but he did and he made some impressive changes involving his relationships with family members. He attributed it all to using the Journal.”1

These workbooks have been put up online, translated into multiple languages and made available to entire organizations worldwide,2 They’ve been purchased as a PDF and used as a handout for an online course,3 and they have been given out in kits (with several other of our products) to thousands of clients who have reported stress-related health issues (like high blood pressure) to their insurance carriers.4

Our customers who did this include: 1GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline), 2Dow Chemical,   3Park Nicollet Hospital, 4Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield


6. Put on a presentation on Stress or Resilience or some stress-related subject like mindfulness.



Download any of these programs and you will instantly have a 50-60 minute presentation with a full transcript of your presentation, beautifully illustrated PowerPoint slides and a handout to share with your participants.

7. Put on a Multi-week course

Training Kits

Each kit gives you four, hour-long modules that may be presented singly and/or in any order.

Everything you need to put on programs on Cognitive Restructuring, Stress Management, Wellness, Eating Right and Moving Well. These kits include training videos, handouts, PowerPoint and a full transcript of your presentation.

Our customers who have done this include: Alcoa Aluminum, Kaiser Permanente, The Betty Ford Center, The CIA, and Motiva Wellness


8. Putting up online resources on YOUR website

Do you have an online wellness provider that isn’t doing enough for your employees on the subject of stress? Or maybe you’re just looking to focus on a NEW WELLNESS topic that everyone cares about! Now you can provide access to these ROBUST stress management and resilience online resources for as little a few dollars per person PER YEAR! (And in large companies for even less). These products can be added to your website with single sign on capabilities, so your employees will feel like they never left. Or employees can access them directly on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Click here to learn more about the online Stress Profiler and MyStressTools.

Our customers who have done this include: Hyatt Hotels, Seattle Public Schools, Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Fort Bragg Army Base, Invest EAP, and IBH.

9. HEALTHY gifts, incentives and rewards

One thing we hear over and over, when it comes to finding high quality incentives and rewards that actually have a positive impact on health, there isn’t much out there. Well check out our product line for all kinds of healthy incentives that people will really appreciate getting.


10. Learn more about stress management and resilience.

See: Free resources