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Choose one of our training kits which gives you everything you need to put on up to four hours of training on stress management, resilience, cognitive restructuring, wellness, and much more. These kits come ready to use right out of the box. Order one of these kits today and put on a presentation tomorrow. Training kits give you videos, handouts, a full transcript of your presentation, plus a fully illustrated PowerPoint Presentation as well. The presentations, which you can download instantly, give you a full transcript, plus a fully illustrated PowerPoint Presentation for a program running approximately 50-60 minutes. 

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James Porter is a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of stress management, resilience, mindfulness, and cognitive restructuring. He has presented stress management seminars onsite for Time, Inc, Glaxo Smith Kline, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Department of Homeland Security, The FBI, The CIA, The American Heart Association, Yale New Haven Hospital, and The International Stress Management Association. He has also been a keynote speaker and/or breakout presenter for WELCOA, WELLCOM, National Wellness, The NAVY, and the ARMY. 

Mr. Porter is president of, a company that has been providing stress management and resilience training and training materials to corporations, hospitals, government agencies and military bases for over 25 years. Mr. Porter is the author and creator of many of these materials which include dozens of workbooks, DVDs, CD's hundreds of articles, and a weekly blog on stress management as well as a monthly blog for THE HUFFINGTON POST.

His work has been reviewed and/or reported on in major news outlets including Good Morning America, Ladies Home Journal, The Associated Press, WCBS-TV News and The NY Daily News as well as in medical journals including The Journal of Family Practice, The Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and The Journal of Biomedical Communications. He has appeared on THE CBS MORNING NEWS and his articles on stress have been published by Forbes, Medical Daily, and the National Geographic.

His book, STOP STRESS THIS MINUTE, published by WELCOA, has sold over 100,000 copies, including 6000 copies to the Mayo Clinic. It won the Silver Award from the National Health Information Awards. Mr. Porter’s video programs have been used in thousands of hospitals nationwide, including The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic and at the Mind/Body Clinic in Boston, Mass. His workbook, The Stress Profiler, has sold over 300,000 copies. 

He is a Fellow of The American Institute of Stress.

Keynote presentation by jim porter