Stress Management, Well-being and Self-Care



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Everything you need to begin teaching stress management and resilience is right here in this package. Don’t waste your time researching and studying up on stress and thus trying to reinvent the wheel. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery

Each module in this training package can be presented singly or as part of a series. Part 1 tells your audience WHY they need to manage stress. Part 2 explains HOW to manage stress with plenty of interactive techniques. Part 3 teaches people how their thinking causes stress and how to stop it. And part 4 is about making stress management a habit.   

The Stress Management Video Series

What’s easier than popping in an entertaining 15-minute video and having a discussion afterwards? Each video in this 3-part series can stand on its own or be part of a series. Part 1 is on recognizing stress symptoms. Part 2 outlines five easy steps for managing stress. Part 3 is about resilience.  Narrated by best-selling author, Yale Professor, and wellness guru, David Katz, M.D.

The Stress Profiler

This 16-page workbook and stress test, shows you how well you are doing in ten different areas of your life from handling anger, worry and fear to dealing with change and time pressure. Score high in any one area and read up on it in the back of the book. Our all-time bestseller! 30 copies

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Emotional Intelligence Videos

Best-selling author Dr. Dan Goleman narrates this 3-part series on Emotional Intelligence. Part 1 defines emotional intelligence, part 2 demonstrates how to put emotional intelligence into practice and part 3 takes it to the next level by showing viewers how to achieve optimal performance. Each video is approximately 15 minutes.  

Any 3 Presentations:

Presentations designed to fit a 1-hour time slot. Each presentation comes ready to go with complete transcript, PowerPoint slides and a handout. Choose from presentations on Mindfulness, Managing Anger, Job Stress, Burnout and The Stress-Free Diet.

30 copies of the Stress Reduction and Resilience Handbook. (Can we do this on Send owl?)

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