Discount Stress Balls

Want to give away a lot of stress balls or hearts and don’t have a big budget? These discount balls and hearts look about the same as our more expensive line but have a slightly thinner skin (which makes them less shiny) and are just a bit less flexible. But the savings are substantial Choose blue, green red orange, pink or yellow. 550 minimum for customization.

The stress ball can be in blue, red, pink, white, green, orange, or yellow. You can order the balls in one color, two colors or even all colors.

Visit our FAQ's page for more information on stress balls.


Bulk Pricing

 Quantity Discount (taken out at checkout)
50-249 10% off
250-549 20% off
550-1100 25% off
1100+ 35% off

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
stress balls

The stress balls are really fun and very reasonably priced. That's why we ordered 1000!

discount balls

We liked the discount stress balls. It was hard to tell the difference between these and the more expensive stress balls.

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