Mindfulness at Work

Most people spend the vast majority of their time thinking about things other than what they’re actually doing. We do this while driving, while eating, while showering, while working and even while multi-tasking. In other words, you think about a fight you had with your boss, while driving to work or a stressful deadline you have coming up, while eating your lunch. As a consequence of this habit, you lose out on really appreciating an activity (like eating or driving for example) that might bring you joy, and instead focus on something that is likely to cause you pain and suffering.

Mindfulness helps you appreciate the simple beauty in the present moment by training you to stay focused and attentive to what it is going on NOW. But mindfulness is a bit like honey, until you’ve tried it, you can’t possibly begin to know it. This one hour program will give your audiences a taste of mindfulness. By learning the concepts and techniques taught in this program, like mindfulness meditation, flow, breath awareness, non judgment and non attachment, your audience will naturally begin to reduce their anxiety, handle anger better, communicate better and enjoy life more. They’ll understand what mindfulness is and immediately start reaping its many proven benefits both at home and at work.


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