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What is burnout?

Burnout has been described as the erosion of the soul: a cross between helplessness and hopelessness and a mismatch between the requirements of the job and the abilities of the employee. Burnout can be the result of stress, low morale, poor working conditions, or simply having too much to do and not enough time to do it. Burnout occurs at every level of an organization from the mailroom to the boardroom. It commonly occurs amongst helping professionals like teachers, nurses and social workers but it also occurs amongst salespeople, customer service people, factory workers and white-collar executives.

Burnout victims often start out as rising stars.

The profile of an employee who burns out may surprise you: It is often the rising stars within an organization, whose burning ambition is fueled by idealism, dreams and the desire to really make a difference in the world. While no one is completely immune from burnout there are steps you can take to prevent it.

Teach employees how to avoid Burnout.

This 1-hour PowerPoint® presentation teaches your audience how to recognize the symptoms of burnout, the five common working conditions that lead to burnout, and the five stages of burnout. It also provides answers to important questions such as: Am I a candidate for burnout and is there anything I can do differently at work that will prevent burnout?

What they’ll learn.

In this program your audience will learn how values, control, challenge, getting organized and time management can help them avoid burnout. They’ll see how support, change, motivation, and building a satisfying personal life can help overcome burnout as well.


Introducing a PowerPoint® program on burnout. UPDATED 2022!

Everything you need to put on a 1-hour program on burnout is included. You’ll get forty illustrated PowerPoint® slides on a CD, a full text for each slide and a separate outline in a 3-ring binder to assure your presentation will go smoothly. You can even download the program instantly when you place your order and save $50.

Don’t let burnout smolder in your organization for another day.


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