Yoga at Work

Stretch away your stress without leaving your desk.

Yoga instructor Michele Elliman teaches viewers how to practice yoga at work. Includes many simple postures they can do in normal work clothes, right at their desk or work-station. Focusing almost entirely on the upper body, these easy-to-hold postures can all be done unobtrusively in a chair at the office without having to get up to move around. Each stretch is a 1-2 minute exercise that can be practiced one-at-a-time or as part of a longer sequence with other stretches. Make this program available over a corporate website or intranet and relaxation is only a click away: Shoulders feel tight? Just click on the shoulder stretch. Neck muscles ache? Do some head and neck rolls. Mind racing and feeling stressed? Try a breathing exercise. Back starting to bother you a bit? Try imagining you were squeezing a lemon between your shoulder blades!

Now you can take an invigorating break at work that doesn't involve caffeine, time away from your desk, or calories added to your waistline.

*Purchase this video as one of a five-part series and save $200. View the five part series here.


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