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Emotional Intelligence Video Series

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Disc 1
Learn three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence: 1. Become aware of your emotions. 2. Self-regulate your emotions. 3. Recognize and empathize with the emotions in others. This short tightly-scripted 12 minute training film with Daniel Goleman uses actors to illustrate the teaching points. Makes the perfect introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the science behind it. Training kit comes with Powerpoint and leader's guide.

Disc 2
Learn the subtle art of reading facial expressions and understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold. Learn how "feel good" chemicals in the brain help you sync up with others and encourage rapport.A key (and very funny) scene in the film shows how emotions play out below the surface when the actors reveal their true feelings directly into the camera, while acting like nothing is wrong with the other characters in the scene. In another scenario we see how a salesman can lose a potential customer by mis-reading her facial expressions. A very good film for applying the basics of both emotional and social intelligence into the real world of work. Training kit comes with PowerPoint, leaders guide and bonus materials.

Disc 3
Most people don't understand that a certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance. Knowing the right amount for you is one of the five keys to staying highly motivated and engaged. Other strategies include learning how to control overly negative thinking (especially worry), learning how to recover quickly from an emotional episode, and learning how to handle disturbing emotions in yourself, your coworkers and your boss. Once you master the five simple steps outlined in this film, you will be able to get along better with others, handle stress better, communicate better, work more efficiently and be more productive. Training kit comes with PowerPoint, leaders guide and bonus materials.



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