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The Stress Resilience Series

Order the complete Stress Resilience Video Series and save up to $200! This bundle includes:

Stress, Weight Control, and Emotional Eating
Over-eating can cause you to feel stressed and stress can cause you to over-eat. It's a vicious cycle that, if left un-checked, can eventually lead to all kinds of health problems. But by recognizing emotional eating for what it is and by learning how to truly nurture ourselves - we can begin to modify our habitual pattern of heading to the kitchen after any emotional upset. This video offers seven strategies for how to avoid emotional eating including: keeping a mood/food journal, using rewards other than food and eating and cooking mindfully.

Recognizing Stress
If you are like most people, you probably fail to see the connection between your stress and the onset of stress-related heath-problems like recurrent colds, high blood pressure, mood disorders and chronic pain. But after you watch the four people in this video describe how stress causes them to overspend, overeat, lose sleep and become depressed, you will begin to make this connection. A real eye-opener for anyone who thinks they have their stress under control. If you want to start a dialog about stress in your organization this is the program you’ve been looking for.

Managing Stress
Arguments, always running late, not sleeping well, credit card debt, difficult co-workers; these are just a few of the many sources of stress identified in this program. Learn how to tackle real life stressors by following five simple steps: 1. Identify the source of your stress. 2. Eliminate or avoid stress whenever possible. 3. Rethink the stress you can’t eliminate. 4. Cope with the stress you can’t rethink. 5. When all else fails, seek support. Identify, eliminate, rethink, cope and seek support. Demonstrates how these five simple, yet practical strategies work in a variety of real-life situations.

Resilience: Mastering Stress
It’s one thing to learn how to recognize stress and it’s another thing to learn how to manage it. But it’s another thing entirely to let stress just roll right off your back. Mastering Stress teaches you how to take your stress in stride using simple strategies like learning how to bounce back from adversity, staying flexible, setting realistic goals, living life according to your highest values, and seeing setbacks as only temporary.

Yoga at Work
Yoga instructor Michele Elliman teaches viewers how to practice yoga at work. Focusing almost entirely on the upper body, these easy-to-hold postures can all be done unobtrusively in a chair at the office without having to get up to move around. Each stretch is a 1-2 minute exercise that can be practiced one-at-a-time or as part of a longer sequence with other stretches. Now you can take an invigorating break at work that doesn't involve caffeine, time away from your desk, or calories added to your waistline.



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