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Live well.

Take control of anxiety, worry, insomnia, and unrelenting stress: Substitute relaxation for anxiety along with calm, focus, confidence, and rest.

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Stay well.

With your very own virtual wellness coach, you will now have a plan to stay well.

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Relax Well.

Time to take care of you for a change: Relax, chill, calm down, take a deep breath. Relaxation videos and audios show you how.

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Sleep Well.

Find relaxation and sleep while you take control of insomnia, restlessness, waking up in the middle of the night.

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Exercise Well

Do yoga, stretch, work your core without ever having to leave your chair!

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And More!

Including work-life balance, emotional intelligence and mindfulness

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Stress Profiler

Take our stress test to understand the root causes of your stress and then get a customized report on your stress management skills.

Daily Journal

Unlock the door to stress and then unlock the door to stress management tools


Watch relaxation videos, enroll in our 30-day coaching plans, and learn from nationally known experts.


Find peace of mind through music and meditation. Listen to podcasts on wellness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and more.