Stress Thermometer

How Temperature Relates to Stress: Under stress, the tiny blood vessels beneath the surface of your skin constrict and the flow of blood is re-directed to the major muscles and internal organs of the body. This is why your hands feel cold when you are stressed. All the blood has been shunted away as the result of the “fight or flight response.” Hand and foot temperatures can range over 40 degrees from a low of 60 degrees to as high as 99 degrees. And when you’re stressed, changes of 5 degrees or more can take place in seconds.

The Stress Thermometer will give you highly accurate information on how stress (and even stressful thoughts) affect your body. Watch your temperature plummet 10 degrees just by thinking about your angry boss. See it surge 6 degrees when you talk about your great vacation or skyrocket 22 degrees when you listen to a relaxation audio.

Good for individuals and therapists

The Stress Thermometer is an inexpensive tool for individuals and therapists who want to learn about or demonstrate the use of biofeedback. The Stress Thermometer has the advantage of giving you a specific number value for stress levels that can be compared over time to check for improvement and for degrees of reaction to different stressful events. Easily fits in a shirt pocket or coat.

Often used to control migraines.

Temperature control with biofeedback is often used by migraine headache sufferers and by people with Raynaud’s disease (poor circulation in the extremities). The Stress Thermometer is also used by people with generalized stress and/or anxiety or by people who want a simple way to learn how to relax.


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