The Thinking Person's Stress Management Workbook

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This 32-page workbook is about cognitive restructuring. If you're not familiar with the term cognitive restructuring, join the club. A lot of trainers have never heard this term. Yet it's a powerful method for managing stress that can prove useful in a variety of different situations, especially at work. The term cognitive refers to your thinking and the term restructuring refers to change. So in this context the term cognitive restructuring means: changing the way you think about stress.

Simple to use, easy to read, and fun to do, the one page articles in this 32-page book and the accompanying do-it-yourself workbook pages really help you understand key concepts in cognitive restructuring like negative self-talk, disputing, awfulizing, low frustration tolerance, reframing, and more. If you want a thorough understanding of how to think your way through a stressful situation, this is the product to buy.


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thinking is a major source

We liked this workbook. It really teaches people how their thinking is a major source of stress.

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