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The Relaxation CD

Listeners often say they like the voice of the narrator, Stuart McCalley, M.D, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine. Dr. McCalley, who worked for a radio station while in college, “has a way of making his voice sound very relaxing without sounding phony,” commented Darlene Menzies, a Family counselor at the Marine Base at Camp Pendleton, CA. “He doesn’t turn people off like some voices I’ve heard.” If you’ve ever listened to other relaxation CD’s or relaxation audios you’ve probably heard one of these overly solicitous voices. They can be annoying.

"But when you hear the voice of Dr. McCalley it puts you right at ease," says Menzies. "You can’t help but relax." McCalley will guide you through five relaxation techniques on this relaxation CD including deep breathing, point by point muscle relaxation and a mindfulness meditation exercise written by Alan Watts. This helpful narration is blended with a soothing musical background and mixed with the sounds of crickets, seagulls, birdsongs and waves breaking on the shore. All of which makes for a totally relaxing experience.

Listen to a sample here:

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Castonguay
Right tone for relaxation

You can't beat Dr. McCalley's voice for setting just the right tone for relaxation. It's not phony-sounding like a lot of other relaxation CDs.

Coleen Naylor
CD for surgical patient

I give this CD away to every surgical patient that attends our pre-op education class. They love it. And they tell me it helps them sleep better post-op.

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