The Employee Stress Reduction & Resilience Handbook

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Every day workers experience stress on the job dealing with angry customers, challenging situations, difficult coworkers, long commutes, work/ family conflicts, juggling multiple priorities and figuring out how to manage their time. Ever wished there was a handy resource that could teach employees how to handle ALL these issues while developing greater resilience at the same time? Now there is. This 32-page workbook is truly a comprehensive guide to reducing stress and building resilience at work. Short one-page articles and an accompanying workbook page are devoted to each of the issues mentioned above as well as on mindfulness, resilience, assertiveness and cognitive restructuring.


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Valuable take away

We recently offered a Stress Reduction Academy to City employees and family members. Participants were introduced to and given the Resilience Workbook. In the evaluation, some participants noted, "My favorite part was the take away materials."

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