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Most people never take the time to clearly identify the stressors in their life and thus have almost no chance of reducing or eliminating their stress. That's why we created the Stress Management Journal.

The Stress Management Journal guides you through a 28-day course for reducing stress. The first two weeks are devoted to observing and noticing connections between the obvious causes of stress and the subtler, underlying causes of stress. For example, you might learn when you get into an argument with your kids during the morning rush, that it's probably not the kids, but time pressure, that's really bugging you. In the third week, you will learn physical techniques for reducing stress, like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation. In the fourth week, the journal will teach you how to monitor your thoughts in order to avoid common negative thinking traps. If you're serious about changing your behavior and really reducing your stress, this is the tool for you.

Trainers and health educators: Want to really affect behavioral change throughout your organization? Start a stress management support group. Hand out the journal to everyone in the group and meet with them once a week for one month.


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Customer Reviews

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3 different languages

An excellent resource. We had it translated into 3 different languages and made it available to our entire organization worldwide.

3 week course

We built a five week course around using this product. One of the attendees was one of the most stressed-out people I've ever worked with. I didn't think he'd stick with the program but he did and he made some impressive changes involving his relationships with family members. He attributed it all to using the Journal.

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